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Konti Hidroplast is export oriented macedonian company for production of PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) pipes.

Situated in Southern Macedonia, municipality of Gevgelija Konti Hidroplast was founded in 1975 as a small plant for production of tools and elements of injection molded plastic.

Following the successful start aided by the experience gained by successfully realized projects in Republic of Macedonia, today our company is export-oriented, and 95% of its products are exported in international markets.

Besides the experience, for access to the international markets contributed our large range of products and top quality, by all internationally recognized standards. Our current production program covers all fields of application: pipes and hoses for water supply systems, sewage systems, PE and PP manholes, pipes for transporting gas and oil products, pipes and hoses for protection of telecommunication cables, drainage systems and fittings for all dimensions, which also range from a minimum diameter of 12mm up to 2000mm.

Konti Hidroplast became known to the market through quality supply and constant application of flexibility in operation, which is very important in an industry where the complexity of managing all processes is quite high.

One of the key factors for sustainability despite tough competition is constant re-investment in innovative technologies and pursuing general technological progress.

The combination of all these key factors are contributing for Konti Hidroplast to play an important role in the domestic and foreign markets with the constant presence of all major and minor infrastructure projects.


  • Constant development of new products and technologies
  •  Always a step ahead competition
  • Wide promotion of each new technology or new product
  • Quality according to European standards
  • Competitive prices
  • Always open in accepting European standards and regulations in the field of polyethylene pipes, ecology and protection during works in North Macedonia
  • Certification in accordance with top internationally recognized certificates for products and organizations
  • Implementation of each new standard from the field of ecology and protection during works
  • Expanding the market by opening our own authorized sales offices
  • Conquering new markets
  • Transferring knowledge to all stakeholders by exchange of internal information
  • Regular analysis of the set goals and setting new ones
  • Defining all risks and activities in order to reduce them


A modern factory, a leader in the region for development and production of plastic products for infrastructure buildings, within the frames of an environmentally safe system with maximum safety for all stakeholders.


Konti Hidroplast aims to be the largest and the highest-quality producer of environment-friendly pipes in North Macedonia and wider, taking all measures for protection of the environment and constant care for the health and safety of its employees.

We plan to achieve this goal by:

  • Quality of processes and products and their continuous improvement, which is the task and responsibility of all employees in order to meet our clients’ expectations.
  • Expanding capacities by quantities and assortment by purchasing new production lines and development of new products, without endangering human health and environmental pollution.
  • Wide promotion of each new technology or new product.
  • Quality in accordance with European standards and competitive prices.
  • Compliance with latest European standards and regulations in the field of polyethylene pipes, legal regulations for ecology and protection at the workplace.
  • Quality and timely delivery, in accordance with the required dynamics, on our clients’ pleasure.
  • Collaboration with quality suppliers, due to timely delivery of quality raw material for the production of a quality product.
  • Providing constant trainings and motivation for the employees for their quality and safe work performance and protection of the environment.
  • Increasing the profit as a precondition for a continuous development of production processes.
Allowing our descendants to testify our successful present.


Boris MadzunkovGeneral Manager
Production programme
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